The Community Schools – Stowmarket Learning Centre

Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre, Gainsborough Rd, Stowmarket, IP14 1LH

The latest addition to the Community Schools Learning Centres is hosted by Stowmarket Leisure Centre. We were delighted to become a part of the vibrant community in Stowmarket from September 2017 when we opened the doors on our latest Learning Centre 18 students supported by 8 of the best dedicated vocational tutors from the Stowmarket area.

The Community Schools hold their popular and highly successful tutoring sessions in the Meeting Room at the busy Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre.


Free parking together with the Café and sporting facilities have made this a very popular place for the Community Schools to offer their community services.

Claire Meadows-Smith, the Founder of the Community Schools, launched the Stowmarket Learning Centre in September 2017. Claire feels as though she has come home, having begun her teaching career at Stowmarket High School as a maths teacher more than 35 years ago.

The Community Schools movement is by local people for local people delivered by some of the highest performing dedicated vocational teachers who are determined to ensure every young person needing a little extra help to be the best they can be is supported to the highest benchmark standards, affordably.


The team at the Stowmarket Learning Centre includes:-

Sue Harrison tutoring maths and English at KS2.

Kat Johnston tutoring maths at pre GCSE , GCSE and ALevel.

The team at the Stowmarket Learning Centre includes:-

Helen Smith tutoring English to KS2, pre GCSE and GCSE

Dr William G Wood tutoring maths and science to GCSE and A Level

Jo Marsh tutoring English to GCSE and A level

Vincent Scholier tutoring science to GCSE and chemistry to A Level

Claire Meadows-Smith tutoring maths to GCSE and A Level

Patrick Jean- Jacques tutoring maths at pre GCSE and GCSE

Ruth Haward tutoring KS2 maths and English

The Stowmarket Learning Centre currently offers 3 sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays evenings with plans to add Monday evenings to cater for the increasing demand in 2018.