Maths AS / A-Level Tutoring

Maths AS / A-Level Tuition

| £280 single payment – 10 sessions |
| or 2 payments of £160 + £150 – 10 sessions |
| Maximum group size of 3 pupils |

A level Maths/Further Maths is a demanding course.

The Community Maths School offers tuition that runs along side the A level course delivered in school. It helps those who struggle to grasp the concepts quickly enabling them to thrive. It also helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential.

A-Level Maths Tuition

The Community Maths School specialises in helping students to relax, understand and gain confidence.

The A-Level course is for those needing extra support to realise their potential and achieve the grades they need.

The teaching will be structured around each student’s needs.

Key Points

  • For students studying Maths or Further Maths A Level
  • For students who need support to fully understand the new concepts
  • It will build up student’s understanding of the concepts
  • Teaching for Pure , Further Pure, Statistics, Mechanics and Decision units are available
  • The number of sessions is flexible
  • Each session lasts 75mins